Sailing in Northern Norway and beyond

Sailing in Northern Norway is the number one activity for us, Marena and Roger Leivseth. We love our Argo, which is a German built Bavaria 31 Cruiser, 2008. Sailing is giving us rest, peace and energy. In these beautiful surroundings it is always a pleasure to take our beloved sailboat out for a cruise. We live up north in Norway, in Fauske, just north of the Arctic circle close to the Lofoten Islands. We experience the midnight sun during summers and polar nights during the winters.

The sailing season

Our sailing season usually starts in the end of March due to the polar nights and temperatures way below freezing during winter. We normally end the sailing season in October for the same reasons. We are very fortunate to live in these surroundings with the love for sailing. The nearby areas are lovely places to visit, both fjords, archipelagos and islands in open sea. Hopefully you want to follow along our journey so that you can experience the northern parts of Norway through our videos 🙂

The Plan

Our plan is to make a longer sailing journey, starting in mars 2021 How long it will take, we don’t know yet. But we want to visit: Scotland, Irland, Northern Irland, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. And of course we want to cruise the french waterways. The French network of waterways includes 100 canals and rivers, totaling over 8,000 kilometers. There are dozens of possible cruises, along a single canal or into other inter-connected waterways. Boats (within size limits) can pass through from the English Channel to the Med. So hopefully you will follow our journey. Check us out on youtube and Facebook.

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Karlsøyfjorden north of Bodø



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