Hi!  We are a Norwegian couple, Marena and Roger, living a calm and fulfilling life in a small town called Fauske, in the northern part of Norway.  Lots of hobbies fill our sparetime.  The biggest and by far the most expensive hobby we have is our sailboat.

The interest of sailing came to us just a few years ago, even though we’ve had boats in different sizes the last 25 years. The idea of travelling around in a sailboat combined with our other big interest of photo and video was really appealing, so much that we ended up buying our sailboat in 2016. Check out our equipment here

Through our videos we tell you the local stories while sailing around, we show you the wildlife and you will see the most spectacular sceneries.  Hopefully you want to come along for the adventure; we really want to show you the most beautiful parts of our coastline.

In the spring of 2021 we are planning to expand our playground and taking Argo out in Europe. So far we have Scotland, North Irland, Irland, England, France, Portugal, Holland, and Denmark on our list. Stay tuned for more.

You find the link to the playlist on Youtube here